Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions 

Standard Terms of Trading

These terms form the basis of the contract between our customer and The  Couple That Bakes®. It is our customers responsibility to ensure that once the order has been confirmed that all of the necessary information is provided, and all of the information is correct, therefore accurate.

Basis of Sale

No contract is established or considered to be binding until we have received the arranged booking fee, or a purchase has been made. Quotations provided for cakes will be valid for no more than 30 days after being issued. Quotations for cakes are provided based on the measurement of cake in diameter, not height. Once your booking fee has been received, or a purchase has been made, you are in a legally binding contract with The Couple That Bakes® which is to be upheld by both parties.

We warrant that on delivery or collection the cakes provided shall conform to their description as requested by the customer, be of satisfactory quality and comply with all food safety, statutory and regulatory requirements in the UK. We will not be held responsible for customer disappointment of the design or the interpretation of the cake as long as it is made in line with the customer's pre agreed requirements and description which they have provided, and will face no consequent liability. It is the customers responsibility to ensure all details which they require are correct and meet their exact requirements.

The warranty does not apply to any defect in the Cakes arising from wilful damage, accident, negligence by you or any third party, if you use the cake in a way we do not recommend, your failure to follow our instructions or any alterations you carry out.

Our cakes are made in an environment where nuts, egg, milk, gluten and other allergens are present. We cannot guarantee that any cake is entirely nut free although we make every effort to ensure that allergies are accommodated.

We cannot guarantee an exact replica of any cake but we will do our best to make it so. Where colour swatches are provided we will do our best to match as close as we deem possible. Exact colour matches and exact replica designs are not guaranteed.

All purchases, including shipping and/or delivery fees are non refundable.

Please ensure all bookings are correct at the time of purchase, changes to dates may not be possible and an additional charge may be incurred. 


Complaints are extremely rare and due to the amount of time and work provided, are taken very seriously.

Complaints regarding the decoration of a celebration cake are easily repaired or errors can be rectified. These must be pointed out upon collection or delivery of the cake to provide an appropriate time to rectify these changes. Should there be any other issues, in terms of quality of the cake, these should be provided within 24 hours of receiving the cake to provide a fair time frame to assess the nature of complaint.

As all cakes are freshly made and decorated in house by our small team, mistakes (although extremely extremely rare) can occur. If this is the case, we should be notified of an issue within 24 hours of the cake being received to provide a fair time frame to assess the mistake made. Mistakes are easily rectified and in this instance an alternative item will be offered or provided.  Should this be declined, a gift voucher will be issued for the website, which will be available to redeem within 12 months. The cake should be returned in full and uneaten for a replacement or voucher to be provided.

Should a complaint be raised on a non-working day for The Couple That Bakes, they will not be expected to respond to the complaint until they return to work.

Delivery fees, additional tips, deposits and / or charges are non refundable and will in no case be refunded. 

All purchases, including shipping and/or delivery fees are non refundable.

In the instance of a complaint, an investigation will be launched internally to address the nature of the complaint. Within this time, neither party will post any negative information about the other, arising out of this contract or event, on any online forum and/or website, without providing advance written notice of the intended content, and providing the other party with a prior opportunity to resolve any issues between the parties amicably. If this is not the case, legal action will be taken. The contents of messages sent by The Couple That Bakes are strictly confidential and should not be shared to any social media platform, website, forum or to anyone other than the customer; if this occurs, legal action will be taken.

Violence and/or threats of any kind will not be tolerated, and will be reported to the police. 


Social Media

All designs and intellectual property rights remain the property of The Couple That Bakes.

We reserve the right to use images of your cake for any form of advertising, including posting on social media, web based promotions, brochures and galleries. If you would prefer a photograph of your cake not to be posted until a particular date, please provide this information when booking. We are not liable for posting this photograph any earlier if you did not specifically request it when booking. 

If this contract is broken, legal action may be taken. 


Please note we will only discuss or deal with complaints from the customer who placed the booking.